Instrument Rentals, Sheet Music, and Music Supplies

Johnson Strings – They are one of the best rental providers I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Strongly recommended. Also an excellent company for music and string supplies.
Sharmusic – A reliable company that is also a wonderful provider of stringed instrument supplies
Southwest Strings – A smaller company for instrument rentals.


Suzuki Association of the Americas – The official website for the Suzuki Association of America. It provides invaluable information on summer Suzuki festivals for children, support and information for parents, and forums for parents.

Recommended Reading

Goldman, Ari L. – The Late Starters Orchestra – A book about adults who started to play later in life and joined a real life orchestra in the NYC area geared towards the “Late Starter”
Kreitman, Edward – Teaching With an Open Heart
Sloane, Kay Collier – They’re Rarely Too Young… and Never “Too Old” to Twinkle
Sprunger, Edmund – Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for Making it Easier
Starr, William – To Learn With Love: A Companion For Suzuki Parents
Suzuki, Shinichi – Nurtured By Love
Suzuki, Shinichi – Ability Development From Age Zero